Bridgetta Blockmon

 Owner/Operator, Southern Shaved ice

"I was seeking professional help to jump start my business, Southern Shaved Ice. I contacted CACooper Services, LLC regarding my business development. I shared my desires and frustrations about owning a business with no clear directions regarding the how, what, when and why. After speaking with CA Cooper Services, LLC, my concerns about being a business owner and what direction I should take became less of a problem or concern for me. CACooper Services provided me with a detailed consultation addressing every issue I was struggling with as a novice business owner."

"I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know how to set everything in motion. CACooper Services made a significant difference in jump starting the direction Southern Shaved Ice would go. They provided me with marketing strategies, website design options, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I trust the professional advice, services and support Ca Cooper Services, LLC provided me and continues to provide."

"If you want to start your business and you are not sure where to start…I say start with contacting CA Cooper Services LLC." 

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